Rebuild to Relive Mobile Application

Notes on Installation:

Considering that the application is not downloaded via Google Play Store, it is a given that all android devices will prompt owner prior installation. All android devices are programmed to do so every time the application is not from play store. To allow installation, configure by:
  •  Pressing “settings”
  • Scroll down to tab “device administration” and tick box in “unknown sources”
  •  In the pop up box “unknown sources” tick “allow initial installation only” and press “ok”

Next it will ask you whether you really want to install the application. More so, it will also present the features that the software is capable of doing. Let’s have them one by one.

  • Take pictures and videos – Generic Description of Android: Allows an application to take pictures and videos with the camera at any time. The generic description is somewhat misleading especially with the word “anytime”. Actually what the application is capable of doing is allowing the user to take picture (“anytime” upon user need) to be set as profile picture in its forum feature (which is currently disabled, however, since it is included in the coding, this prompt shows).
  • Coarse (network-based) and fine (GPS) location – Generic Description of Android: Allows apps to access your approximate location using location services based on network sources, such as mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi APs. This feature is needed due to the application’s mapping capabilities found in the calendar section - location button where the places of events / activities are being shown. In addition, the application also has a feature of giving the user a direction towards a certain place where an event would be held (currently disabled and may be brought up upon need).
  • Modify / delete USB storage contents & Read external storage device content – Generic Description of Android: Allows an application to write in USB storage / Allows applications to read the content on your device. Writing and reading of content is upon your doing. This feature is needed in order for the user to be able to upload photos to the application (forum feature) and also to save photos to your phone (internal or external storage) from the application (photo gallery feature).
  • Read Google Service Configuration – Generic Description of Android: Allows this app to read Google service configuration data. Its main use is to allow users to have a one tap login when using your phone’s Google account. To be specific, at the upper right section of the app, there is a button that allows the user to share it to others via email. One tap login allows users to share it using the Google account known in their phone. Another case is when the user wants to email us at the “Contact” section. This allows the user to make use of his / her known email address (usually gmail, or one registered in the phone) to send mails.
  •  Full Internet Access / View network state / View Wi-Fi state: Generic Description of Android: Allows application to create network sockets, allows an application to view the state of all networks and allows an application to view the information about the state of Wi-Fi. Main use of this permission is for the application to connect to the internet.
  • Control Vibrator: Generic Description of Android: Allows the application to control the vibrator
  • As all permissions have been explained, you can now click the install button as you desire. 


On the DOWNLOAD PAGE, Scroll down and wait for the timer to stop (around 14 seconds). Once ready for download, click on the button "Download File Now" as shown in the picture below.